Goat Race Festival

The Tobago Goat Race is an annual event that takes place on the Caribbean island of Tobago. It is a unique cultural event that has been held for over a century and attracts both locals and visitors to the island.

The Tobago Goat Race is essentially a type of goat-racing event, where trained goats compete against each other in a race. The goats are typically bred and trained specifically for this purpose and are often adorned with colorful costumes and decorations.

Goat Racing – Buccoo Tobago

The event usually takes place in Buccoo, a small fishing village on the island’s west coast. It is a day-long celebration that includes food, music, and other cultural activities in addition to the goat races.

The Tobago Goat Race is not only a fun and entertaining event, but it is also an important part of Tobago’s cultural heritage. It is a way for the islanders to celebrate their traditions and showcase their unique way of life to the world. If you happen to be in Tobago during the event, it is definitely worth checking out!

Easter Tuesday
Buccoo, a small seaside village on the southwest coast of Tobago, has hosted goat racing since 1925. Goat racing developed as a poor man’s equivalent to horse racing In the early twentieth-century, since horse racing was reserved for the local elite. Since horse racing traditionally occurred on the Monday after Easter Sunday, Easter Tuesday was chosen to run goat races by the Buccoo Goat Race Festival Committee, a sub-committee of the Buccoo Village Council, that organises the event annually.

Easter Monday
The village of Mt. Pleasant is also hosts to the goat racing festival which occurs on Easter Monday. A large gathering of family, friends and acquaintances also adds to the event’s popularity and attendance on the day.