Tobago Waterfalls

Argyll Waterfall

Argyll waterfall is the most popular and accessible waterfall in Tobago. This is a multi-drop fall with a large pool.
  • Roxborough Village
  • Multidrop Falls
  • 20 minutes hike
  • Paid Entry

Castara Waterfall

Castara waterfall is a small single drop waterfall located in the village of Castara.
  • Castara Village
  • Small single drop
  • 20 minutes hike

Bloody Bay Waterfall

Bloody bay waterfall is a hidden multidrop waterfall deep in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve. The system has 3 big drops and numerous smaller ones along the river.
  • Bloody bay river
  • Multi-drop
  • 2 hours hike

Highland Waterfall

Highland waterfall is a hidden single drop waterfall located along the Mason Hall river. The system has 1 big drop approximately 100 feet tall.
  • Highland – Mason Hall
  • Single-drop
  • 120 mins hike
Other waterfalls

  • Twin Rivers Waterfall – Goldsborough
  • Rainbow Falls – Goodwood
  • Craig Hall Waterfall – Moriah
  • Kings Bay Waterfall – Kings Bay
  • Palatuvier Waterfall – Palatuvier Bay