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Nesting Sea Turtles

Turtle Season

Between March and August each year, giant leather-backs, Hawks-bill, and Green sea turtles visit the shores of Tobago to lay their eggs. The process can take up to 2 hours from start to finish, going longer sometimes if the turtles are disturbed.

Some turtles will make multiply visits to the shores during the season untill the right spot is found. Once the nesting process is complete – aproximately 60 days later, baby turtle hatchlings will emerge from the sand.

What happens :

  • A sea turtle will find the right spot for a nest by checking the sand with both front and back flippers.
  • Sea Turtles dig holes up to 2.5 feet deep with back flippers only.
  • Once the right depth is met – between 60 -100 eggs are layed.
  • Sea Turtles will then gentle cover eggs with back flippers only.
  • They will then use both flippers to camouflage the area around the nest.
  • Once completed they then slowly return to the sea.

Popular Bays for sightings:

  • Turtle Beach – Great Courland Bay
  • Grafton Bay – Stone Haven Bay
  • Back Bay – Mt. Irvine
  • Lambeau Beach – Little Rockly Bay

Protection Guidelines

  • If possible, do not disturb, obstruct or approach a turtle that is coming to shore, laying or covering its nest.
  • Never handle Turtle eggs or try to sit, stand or ride on a Turtle.
  • Avoid using bright lights as it can confuse the Turtles or cause them to abandon their nests.
  • If observing – stay up to 20 feet away from Turtles while they are nesting.