Scuba Diving

Tobago is an excellent destination for scuba diving, with a variety of dive sites that offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced divers. Here are some of the top dive sites in Tobago:

  1. Buccoo Reef: This is one of the most famous dive sites in Tobago, with an abundance of marine life and colorful coral formations. Divers can expect to see everything from stingrays and moray eels to sea turtles and reef sharks.
  2. Speyside: This is another popular dive site in Tobago, known for its clear waters and large schools of fish. Divers can explore the reefs, walls, and pinnacles in the area, and may even spot dolphins or whales on occasion.
  3. Kariwak Reef: This is a great dive site for beginners, with shallow waters and plenty of colorful coral and fish. Divers can expect to see parrotfish, angelfish, and snappers, as well as the occasional octopus or squid.
  4. Mount Irvine Wall: This is a deeper dive site that is best suited for experienced divers. The wall drops down to depths of over 100 feet, and is home to a variety of marine life, including sharks, barracudas, and rays.
  5. Japanese Gardens: This is a unique dive site with a maze of coral canyons and swim-throughs that are home to a variety of marine life, including octopus, lobster, and moray eels.

There are many other dive sites to explore in Tobago, and dive operators on the island can help you choose the best sites based on your experience level and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting out, Tobago offers an unforgettable underwater experience.