Pulling Seine

“Pulling seine” is a traditional fishing method used in Tobago and other parts of the Caribbean. The process involves a large net, called a seine, which is pulled through the water by a group of fishermen.

To pull seine in Tobago, a group of fishermen typically launch a small boat or canoe from the beach and paddle out into the water. Once they have reached a suitable spot, they throw the net into the water and begin to pull it back towards the shore. As the net is pulled, it forms a large circle around schools of fish, which are trapped inside the net.

Once the net has been pulled to the shore, the fishermen gather around and begin to haul in the catch. This can be a physically demanding process, as the net can be quite heavy and the catch can be quite large.

Pulling seine is a traditional fishing method that has been used in Tobago for many years. While it is still practiced today, it is becoming less common as commercial fishing methods become more popular. However, some fishermen continue to use this method as a way to catch fish for their families and communities.