Fort King George

Fort King George is a historic fortification located on the island of Tobago in the Caribbean. It was built by the British in the late 18th century, during their colonial period in the region.

The fort was constructed in 1779 on a hill overlooking the harbor of Scarborough, Tobago’s capital. Its primary purpose was to defend the island against French and Dutch attacks, as Tobago was a valuable strategic location in the Caribbean.

Today, Fort King George is a popular tourist attraction and historical site. Visitors can explore the fort’s ruins, including the barracks, officer’s quarters, and cannons. There is also a small museum on the site that houses artifacts and exhibits related to Tobago’s history and the fort’s role in it.

In addition to its historical significance, Fort King George offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, including the Caribbean Sea and the town of Scarborough. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Caribbean history and architecture.

Fort King George is named after King George III of Great Britain.
The fort sits at the very top of Scarborough Hill (Fort Hill) with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Tobago’s capital town Scarborough and part of the south-eastern side of island.

  • Preserved buildings
  • Batteries
  • Cannons
  • Light house (old)
  • Manicured Garden
  • Museum
  • Views of Trinidad