Pleasant Prospect

Pleasant Prospect is a small hilly village, located between three popular bays, Mt. Irvine Bay, Back bay (Rockly Point) and Stone-haven bay, also known as Grafton bay. The village also borders the caledonian sanctuary and nature reserve.

Local Amenities

  • Grocery Shops
  • ATM Bank Machine
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Guesthouses
  • Small Play ground
  • Beaches
  • Turtle Nesting
  • Public Transport
  • Nature Reserve
  • Mountain-bike Tours
  • Pizza Boys

Grafton Caledonia Wildlife Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary is no longer maintained but bird feeding by the caretaker can sometimes be observed. The entire nature reserve comprises over 200 acres of protected land that was formally part of a coco estate owned by Eleanor Alefounder. The main purpose of the nature reserve is to promote the native flora and fauna of the island.

Mt Irvine Bay

Mt. Irvine bay is very popular beach in Tobago for locals and vistors, and especially surfers. There are cabanas, food outlets, beach bar and a fish market and well as a beach facility with security and lifeguards.The bay is part of the extended Buccoo Reef System with small patches of coral reefs that are great for snorkelling and the Mt. Irvine Wall for scuba diving. Mt. irvine is the most popular Surfing spot in tobago with a Right Break over coral rock bed.

Stone Haven Bay (Grafton Bay)

Stone Haven Bay is also know as Grafton Bay is a popular sea turtle nesting site and home to the Grafton Resort and Waves restaurant and bar. This bay is popular with large groups and for exercising. Seine pulling (Net fishing) can be observed at times. No facility, security or lifegurds available.

Back Bay (Rocky Point)

Back bay which is officially known and Rocky Point is a beautiful semi-secluded bay that is popular for nesting leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles. Back bay is very scenic but the waters can get very strong with big waves and powerful currents. The bay is popular with families, beach limes and couples. No facility, security or life guards available.