Snakes of Tobago

Tobago is home to several species of snakes, although they are not commonly seen by visitors to the island. The snakes of Tobago are generally harmless to humans, and they play an important role in the island’s ecosystem by controlling rodent populations and other small animals.

One of the most common snakes found on Tobago is the common racersnake (Alsophis antiguae), which is a small, non-venomous species that is usually found in forested areas. Another species found on Tobago is the brown vine snake (Oxybelis aeneus), which is a slender, arboreal snake that feeds on lizards and small birds.

The Tobago coral snake (Micrurus circinalis) is also found on the island, although it is relatively rare and is only found in certain areas. This species is venomous, but it is not aggressive and will generally only bite if it feels threatened.

It is important to note that while Tobago’s snakes are generally not dangerous to humans, visitors to the island should still take care when exploring natural areas and should avoid disturbing or handling any snakes they may encounter.

Tobago has ~21 species of non-poisonous snakes recored on the island. Sizes range from some inches up to 15 feet. Boa Constrictors, Ratonels, Horsewhips, Doctor snakes etc. are a common sight in developed areas.

  1. Trinidad Burrowing Snake –  Amerotyphlops trinitatus
  2.  Boa Constrictor – Macajuel – boa constrictor
  3. Tree Boa – Cascabel – Corallus ruschenbergerii
  4. Rainbow Boa – Epicrates maurus
  5. Tobago false Coral – Erythrolamprus ocellatus
  6. Doctor Snake – Erythrolamprus melanotus
  7.  Ratonel – Pseudoboa neuwiedii
  8. Royal ground snake – Erythrolamprus reginae
  9. false coral – Oxyrhopus petolarius
  10. Tobago one-lined snake – Atractus cf. univittatus
  11. Three-lined ground snake – Atractus trilineatus
  12. Fiddle-string snake – Imantodes cenchoa
  13. Cat-eyed snake – Imantodes cenchoa
  14. Red-nape snake – Ninia atrata
  15. Clouded snake – Sibon nebulatus
  16. Black snake – Drymarchon couperi
  17. Parrot snake – Leptophis ahaetulla
  18. Machete – Mastigodryas boddaerti dunni
  19. Horsewhip – Oxybelis aeneus
  20. Tigre – Spilotes pullatus
  21. Black-head snake – Tantilla melanocephala