Blue Food Festival

The Tobago Blue Food Festival is an annual event that celebrates the island’s unique culture and cuisine. The festival takes place in mid-October each year and is centered around the use of “blue food” in Tobagonian cuisine.

Blue food refers to crops such as dasheen, cassava, and sweet potato, which have a blue or purple hue when cooked. These crops have been a staple in Tobagonian cuisine for centuries, and the festival is a way to showcase their versatility and delicious flavors.

At the festival, visitors can sample a variety of dishes made from blue food, including soups, stews, pies, and desserts. There are also cooking demonstrations, live music, and cultural performances throughout the day.

In addition to the food, the festival also features local artisans selling handmade crafts and souvenirs, as well as educational exhibits on the history and culture of Tobago.

The Tobago Blue Food Festival is a fun and unique way to experience the island’s culture and cuisine, and it’s a must-visit event for foodies and culture enthusiasts alike.