Districts of Tobago

map of tobago parishes

Tobago was previously divided into seven (7) parishes while under colonial rule. 

  • Saint Patrick
  • Saint Andrew
  • Saint David
  • Saint George
  • Saint Mary
  • Saint John
  • Saint Paul

In 1980 the Tobago House of Assembly replaced this system with twelve (12) local electorial districts and seats in the assembly.

  • Bacolet/Mt. Saint George
  • Goodwood/Belle Garden
  • Bethe/Mt. Irvine
  • Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden
  • Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant
  • Canaan/Bon Accord
  • Lambeau/Signal Hill
  • Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside
  • Plymouth/Golden Lane
  • Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah
  • Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Deleford
  • Scarborough/Calder Hall

In 2021 an additional 3 seat were added making it 15 electorial districts.

Tobago is comprised of 15 electorial districts that are represented by seat in the Tobago House Of Assembly.